WWE Elimination Chamber

Bryan Wyatt walks out of Elimination Chamber as new WWE Champion

Bryan Wyatt walks out of Elimination Chamber as new WWE Champion

WWE Live Smackdown organised Elimination Chamber this Sunday at Phoenix. The event was enthusiastic and did not disappoint its fans as the fans, and their reviews reveal. Before WWE’s greatest and popular event, Wrestlemania that is WrestleMania 33 this time, Elimination Chamber was organised to give other competitors a chance to earn the titles and walk as the new King and Queen.

Matches were unpredictable, and fans loved it with new results, Bryan Wyatt as the new WWE Champion and Naomi as new WWE Women’s Champion. Bryan Wyatt victory was a real thrill to the event as his put his finisher Sister Abagail and pinned down both the former champs, John Cena and AJ Styles. As fans expected, there wasn’t any interruption in the match, and Bryan Wyatt looked a lot stronger for the title as he took over the last two for the being the new champion.

In the overall 19 Elimination Chamber WWE Championship match, it was the 11th time that the champion was unsuccessful to defend his title.

What’s More Exciting?


Bryan Wyatt new teammate and WWE Royal Rumble 2017 winner, Randy Orton will face Bryan Wyatt now in Wrestle Mania 33 for WWE Championship match. However, WrestleMania is 60 days away, and there are chances that reChampionship matches may be organised in WWE SmackDown Live.

Before the WWE Elimination Chamber Championship match, Women’s WWE Championship game took place and again as unexpected, Alexa Bliss was unsuccessful to defend her title against Naomi. It is the first time that both the king and queen are natives of Orlando, Florida and wins their first title however they were in the race since 2012.


Glance over all the results of Elimination Chamber Match:

In the KickOff Title competed between Mojo Rawley and Kurt Hawkins, Mojo Rawley defeated Kurt via pinfall.

The two female rivals since long back, Becky Lynch and Micky James also faced each other at Elimination Chamber. In this match, Becky defeated Mickey James via pinfall. However Mickey dominated over Becky for a much longer time, Becky was about to lose the game after Mick kick. Thanks to the ropes under which she was positioned for the pinfall and then the game changed.

Appolo Crews and Kalisto defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. The match was a two on one handicapped match, but Dolph attacked Kalisto during his entrance and threw him over the screen. It Made the match one on one.

American Alpha retained their Tag Team Championship against The Ascensions by pinfall. The rivalry was worth watching, and heat of the competition took to two most experienced women’s fighter to double countdown with no one winning the match. The two continued to fight backstage also where referees had to separate them.

Randy Orton wins over Luke Harper via pinfall.

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