[100% Discount ] Flipkart Big Billion Sale 2016 2 Oct – 6 Oct Offers, Discounts Coupons

Flipkart Big Billion Sale 2016

Flipkart Big Billion Sale 2016 2 Oct – 6 Oct Offers, Discounts Coupons: Hello, friends have you ever imagines why these e-commerce company like Flipkart, Amazon, snap deal, etc. go for big billion day events. These corporations to uplift their sales and in the race to lead in their sector perform such events to woo their customers.

Big billion day is usually conducted in the month of October because this is the month when the festive season starts, and there is a massive sale of products in the markets. By conducting such events these, e-commerce companies attract customers by their discounts.

Flipkart Big Billion Sale 2016:

Last year Flipkart in its five days big billion day sale had sold products worth rupees $ 300 million and the year before it amounted to sell about $ 100 million in only one day. It is said that this time, Flipkart has spent around 30 crores on the advertising of the big billion days and is estimated to sell much more than its earlier targets.

Flipkart Indias largest e-commerce company is here again with the Big billion day sale for its customers. The sale will start from 2nd of Oct to 6th Oct. The Big billion day 2016 will have fantastic offers for its customers with significant discounts on varies products. The sale of 1Re can also be seen on the big billion days 2016 which happened in the first big billion day sale of the Flipkart. The sale will only be applicable on the Flipkart app.

Flipkart brings great deals on these type of sales, and you can use this opportunity and shop online with maximum discounts. You can shop for various items like clothing, electronic appliances, home and kitchen appliances, etc. Though the big billion sales 2016 was planned to be held in following weeks of October Flipkart arranged the event in the first week of October.It has been said that this year’s big billion sales would offer better offers than last big billion sales.



On 2nd Oct 2016 Flipkart will offer discounts and deals on fashion, home, tv, and appliances. On 3rd Oct 2016, the offers and discounts will be available on mobile and accessories. On 4th Oct 2016, you can enjoy offers and discounts on electronic items. The left over 5th and 6th of October you will get offers and discounts on all products.

FASHION – 2 Oct:

In the lifestyle category, we include footwears, clothing, bags, wallets, belts, watches, grooming and wellness, fragrances, jewellery, etc. type sub categories. These subcategories are for males and females and also for the kids. In the footwear section, You will get a different kind of footwears like casual shoes, sports shoes, formal shoes, sandals, and floaters, etc. These various types of shoes are available in various prices and by various brands. In the footwear section for men brands like Puma, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Lotto, Fila, Sparx, etc. are very popular. On the Flipkart big billion days, sale Flipkart will offer minimum 40 – 50 % of discounts on the most footwears of these brands. On the clothing subsection brands like Arrow , United Colours of Benetton, highlander, Peter England, Zara etc brands will offer products like shirts, t-shirts , jeans etc for men saree, kurta, salwar, etc. for women , all the apparels for men and females will have up to 60 % of discounts on the big billion days 2016. On bags, flipkart is offering up to 60-70% of discount on the big billion days and for watches to the sale is up to 70%. In grooming and wellness section for men as well as women, Flipkart is offering up to 50% off discount.


In the home and furniture category, you will witness some products. These products include kitchen and dining which will include pots and pans, kitchen tools, pressure cooker, gas stove; dining and serving which include crockery, dinnerware , coffee mugs etc ; furniture includes beds, sofa, dining table, office and study furniture, beans bags, etc.towels,; housekeeping and laundry items; bedsheets, cushion, mat towels, curtain, etc.; in home decor it includes paintings, clocks, show piece, etc.semi automatic; LED and CFL, etc. On the big billion days, Flipkart is offering up to 60% off on kitchen cookwares, containers and more. On furniture section, flipkart is offering up to 60-65% flat discounts. Up to 70% discounts on furnishing items like bed sheets, curtain, etc. Up to 30% off on CFL lights.

Lifestyle, TVs, and Appliances (2nd October 2016)

In this category products such as tv , speakers, home theaters , iPods; washing machine which include fully semi-automatic; single , double and triple door refrigerators; geysers; split and window AC; Kitchen appliances will include microwave oven, juicer/ mixer/ grinder, sandwich maker, top toaster, water purifier, chimney, electric kettle, dishwashers, fans, coolers, vacuum cleaners, landline phones, etc. The big billion day sale on Flipkart will offer up to 50% off on televisions. Up to 70% off for speakers on the big billion day sale and approx 40-50% off on all other appliances.

Mobiles and Mobile Accessories (3rd October 2016)

Mobile of different brands will be available with great discounts like Samsung, chargers ,MI,lee-co , Apple, Micromax, red me, Lenovo, Motorola, Asus, etc. Off up to 60% is offered by Flipkart on the smartphones, you can upgrade your smartphone or buy a new phone with such fantastic deals on Flipkart. Flipkart also has exchange offers for selected smartphones and has tied up with different banks so that you can purchase your phone on EMI. In the accessories, the products include headphones, headsets, screen guards, power bank, mobile cases, memory cards charges, selfie stick, etc. on which Flipkart is giving fantastic offers on the big billion days.

Electronics (4th October 2016)

Electronic items will include laptops and computer accessories like mouse, keyboards, external hard drives, pen drives, laptop bags, printers, monitors; routers; cameras like DSLR, point, and shoot, sports camera, camera bags, lenses, memory cards; tablets, etc. Flipkart has provided excellent offers up to 50-60% on these electric appliances as well. Purchasing a device in this sale will be a right decision by saving a lot of money.

What’s new Flipkart is doing in this times big billion day sale?

As read, earlier Flipkart has increased its sell during last two years, and it is estimated that in this year Flipkart is going to sell very high amount of products crossing its earlier sell in the last two years. As said before for this Flipkart has also spent around 30 crore rs in advertising of the event. This year’s flagship event is led by Kalyan Krishnamurthy who is head of category management. This year Flipkart is going to face a tough competition with another e-commerce giant Amazon who has spread its legs in the Indian market very boldly since last year. Therefore it was necessary for Flipkart to take initiatives which will not only increase its sell this year but also not allow its users to shift to Amazon. Hence Flipkart offered a few new services to its users which will not only increase its selling but also help it to compete for the giant e-commerce Amazon. These new services include –

Flipkart Big Billion Sale 2016

These new services include –

  • Flipkart has allowed its users to purchase some electronic products on EMI. For this Flipkart has tied up with banks such as state bank of India, Axis Bank, etc. who will disburse loans to the customers on cheaper interest rates. You can save on interest with no cost EMI.This initiative will allow users to purchase products for which user don’t even have money.
  • Another initiative is to exchange offers on selected mobiles. Flipkart is offering trade offers for old smartphones to buy a new smartphone. This offer is applicable on phones too, and exchange offer up to 25k is available on iPhone 6s phone.
  • Flipkart has also arranged a contest for five days big billion day sales for its customers. A pre-sale game will allow you to win Motorola deck speakers for 50 lucky winners. To participate go to big billion day game and register yourself and confirm your entry.
  • With all the above services and great discounts on products Flipkart has provided a 10% discount on overall purchases for those paying through SBI debit or credit cards on the big billion day sale days.
  • It is also said that Flipkart this year will launch 1 Reflash sale for its customers which means that those products which are expensive will be offered to the customer for Re 1. Though which products will be available for 1Re flash sale and in how much quantity is Flipkart’s discretion.

From all the above points it is clear that Flipkart is solemn in its approach to reach most people this time and wants to make this year flagship event one of the best in the e-commerce industry which ever happened before.

With various services available there’s a real hope of targeting a lot of people this time. For people, this time, there will be more great offers in this festive season, and they can lift these benefits and shop with a full heart.

[100% Discount ] Amazon Great Indian Sale 2016 2 Oct – 6 Oct Offers, Discounts Coupons

Amazon Great Indian Sale

Amazon Great Indian Sale 2016 2 Oct – 6 Oct Offers, Discounts Coupons: In markets or retailers shops whether it is online or not there are several ways to improve the sales significantly but one of the best way to improve the sales is by providing “sale”. Customers can get any products in a less amount than the actual price of the specific product. As a customer we all love sales and discounts and we end up buying those things that we don’t even need. All the discounts and sales we get on products makes us wants to buy it even if we never planned to buy it in the first place.

Amazon Great Indian Sale: As the Festival season is coming it is pretty obvious that there will be lots of sales going in e-retailers or retailers in shopping places. We will be talking about the e-retailers sales in this article. The festive season comes in October as we all know there are many festivals on Indian calendar and one of them is Diwali which is a huge festival for India and every parts of India celebrate this Diwali.

This is the time where the sales should be held and that is exactly what online retailers are doing like the Amazon, flipkart, ebay, Myntra, jabong and many more.

All these online retailers earns in a massive amount during this festive season sale. In this article we will particularly talk about Amazon and its festive season sale which is known as “Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale”.

Amazon Indian Festival Sale usually happen in October of every year and to be exact the dates are going to be from October 1 to October 5. During these 5 days Amazon customers and other e-customers in general are going to be so crazy over some products especially when they will look at the price because the price of certain products decreases significantly during the Festive sale season.

We will talk about how and what kinds of discounts you will get on a certain products in Amazon Festival season sales. There will be a significant drop in certain products like Electronic devices, clothings, garments and kitchen appliances, personal products, kids toys and many more.

Basically you will get discount on each and every product on Amazon during this festive season sale. So prepare yourself for the biggest sale of the year because you might have to fight for the products and discounts because some discounts can be available for a limited time. Since you are not alone in this you never know when the products you want goes out of stock. So grab it as fast as you can with the best deals.

Amazon Great Indian Sale

Amazon Great Indian Sale

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale will start on 12 midnight of 1st October and the customers might get a particular midnight sales where you can get some products in a jaw dropping discounts. Customers can avail huge deals and discounts during the festive season sale that is between 1st October and 5th October.

If you are a Prime users then you will get the great Indian sales offers 30 minutes before the normal amazon customers do. So if you have not yet applied for Amazon Prime users then now is the best time to become a prime user of Amazon. The Prime is free for the first 60 days. The benefits customers will get on subscribing to Prime is that they will get a faster delivery and they might also get a little discount on an already discounted product.

Amazon Prime Subscribers

After 60 days of becoming a Prime users, Amazon will charge you Rs499 per year which is also low as compare to Rs 999 per year which is the original cost that prime users have to pay after 60 days. This offer is also for a limited period of time.

The delivery charges for one day and two day is also different from prime users. If the customer is a Prime user then the customer have to pay Rs 50 for delivering the same whereas a normal Amazon member has to pay Rs 150 for same day delivery.

Prime Customers also have to pay nothing for delivery for product value less than Rs499 because for the normal Amazon member you have to pay Rs 40 for ordering products which are less than Rs499 in total. Remember that you will get a free deliver charge as a prime user if the product has a prime logo in it.

Amazon Great Indian sale Cash back offer

Amazon Great Indian Sale

HDFC has partnered with Amazon for the great Indian sale and customers can get up to 15% cashback on Amazon App that means if you are shopping through the Amazon App you will get 15% cashback.  10% cashback is offered to those customers who will shop from the Amazon.in website.

This Cashback offer was also there in last year amazon great Indian sale and there were several banks like ICICI, HDFC, SBI and Axis they were offering cashbacks to both the Amazon App customers and Amazon.in websites customers in a same manner.

Electronic devices during the Amazon great Indian sale

If you are planning to buy an electronic device during the festive season then it is the best to buy it. Whether you are buying a budget smartphone or a flagship smartphone, whether you are buying a big television for your home which will make your home way much cooler. Basically anything you want to buy electronic during 1st October to 5th October, it is the best time to buy it.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is one of the most selling budget smartphone in 2016 so customers can get a very attractive deals on Redmi Note 3 and other budget smartphones during the festive season.

Customers can avail discounts and big deals on best selling smartphones of 2016. There are some exclusive smartphones on Amazon which you can buy during the festive season for the sake of deals and sales these smartphones are the One Plus 3, Moto G4 plus, Redmi Note 3, Lenovo Vibe K5 and many more. Not only the smartphones but their accessories will have discounts in it.

Power banks is one of the most necessary products if you are a traveler and in general. The power banks will have discounts so the customers can keep their eyes on those to avail the best offers.

Headphones and Earphones can be an easy purchase if you are looking for a great sounding headphones or earphones. There will be different types of discounts for different headphones and earphones from different companies.

Television is another category of electronic devices and these will give your home a new look especially if you are going to buy a big screens ones. Some years back LED televisions were considered luxurious and were very expensive but as the technology advanced LED Tvs are becoming a standard and they are not as expensive as they used to be. Micromax, Noble Skiodo, Samsung, Sony and LG are the top selling television On Amazon. These are very high rates products and you can avail the best deals for televisions also during these festive season sale.

Home Appliances during the festive season

Washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioner, dish washers, microwave oven, water purifiers and other home appliances are also one of the most selling products during the festive season. You will get these home appliances on a significantly low price the offers can differ depending on which date of festive season sale you are buying.

Brands like LG, Godrej, Whirlpool, IFB, Haier, Bosch and Samsung etc are going to be ones you will get for Home appliances and you will get these products in a significantly low price.

Fashions and clothing on Amazon Festive season sale

Customers will buy Fashions and clothing in large amount during the festive season. As they can get cheap as hell because of the deals and offers. There are clothing for men, women and kids. You can even gift a cute shirt or hood to your loved ones. There are also a lots of attractive kids wear on Amazon. There will be like the superhero shirts and other cartoon type shirts which the kids will love.

All these clothing and fashion products will be from branded products like Pepe jeans, wrangler, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Levis, Vans, flying machine, jack & jones, Puma and many more.

How to get Discounts on Amazon during the Amazon festive season

  • You have to visit the Great Indian Sale page on the app or on the website.
  • Look for the product and select the product you want to buy.
  • Add the product to your cart and review it.
  • Now enter the shipping details and address.
  • Now you can buy it and pay the cash on deliver or pay it online using online banking. Using the HDFC bank will get you cashbacks.

So all the customers get ready for the biggest sale of the season and prepare your money because you have a lot to buy during the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale.

Windows Phone 7: Microsoft invests more money at Christmas

Spare no expense to promote Windows Phone 7 operating system that  is included in at least four or five terminals.

The idea is clear,to sell  many smartphones with personal  SO and  to be present in different markets from Europe, America and even Asia.

Phone Windows 7: Microsoft invests more money at Christmas

HTC HD 7 With Windows Phone 7 Will Be Available in O2 Mobile Shop

The O2’s exclusive HTC HD7 is distributed according to data from O2 has already sold out. Windows Mobile 7, the smartphone operating system from Microsoft and the successor to Windows Mobile development, seems to be a success story. Various other Windows-phone-7 Smartphone by the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC could increase the run on Microsoft’s new mobile operating system even more.

HTC HD 7 With Windows Phone

Samsung Epic 4G: Release Date

It seems that after the pictures,Samsung Epic 4G is a great phone.I like it very much and I think that Samsung Epic 4G will have e big succes.Samsung Epic 4G will be released on August 20.

Samsung Epic 4G

It is yesterday’s official announcement by Samsung on the launch of new smartphones, already famous with the name Galaxy Pro, however, will be marketed under a new name: Samsung Epic 4G. 

Motorola Droid 2 Came With Android 2.2 Installed

It seems that Motorola Droid 2 Came With Android 2.2 Installed. After the picture Motorola Droid 2 is a nice phone and I think that Motorola Droid 2 will have succes. The second version of Google’s first smartphone, manufactured by electronics and telecommunications and called Motorola Motorola Droid 2, would be in the U.S. market on 23 August.

Motorola Droid 2 Came With Android 2.2 Installed

Shakira: I’m addicted to chocolate

Shakira has admitted she is “addicted” to eat chocolate.Shakira says she loves food so much that she dreams of it, even while sleeping, according to the reports of GMOs Music.

Shakira: I’m addicted to chocolate

Christina Aguilera offers security home to Robert Pattinson

Christina Aguilera offered Twilight star Robert Pattinson shelter while trying to escape the paparazzi in Los Angeles. According to Contactmusic, Christina Aguilera revealed that the incident in a recent off-air interview with radio station 92.3 New York Now.

Christina Aguilera

NFL Draft 2010 Live – 75th anniversary

If you want to Watch NFL Draft 2010 Live follow the link bellow.To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NFL Draft 2010 which begins April 22, fans have voted to elect the top 75 choices in the history of the Nfl Draft 2010. Almost 45 million votes were recorded between March 12 and April 18 on the NFL .com site.

NFL Draft 2010

Scientists believe that aging is the gene linked to immunity

British scientists studied the genetics of aging worms said laboratory experiments showed that a specific gene is strongly associated with the duration of life, immunity and disease resistance.

Scientists believe that aging is the gene linked to immunity

Since the gene called DAF-16 in the worms, can be found also in animals and humans, the results may offer new opportunities to alter the aging, immunity and resistance in humans, scientists said.