Verizon’s message to its email service users: Shift account to AOL

Many people recently reported a message from Verizon informing that Verizon is getting out of E-Mail business. People have said a letter from Verizon telling about the company asking its users to move to AOL. People are in deep thoughts about how to notify every contact about the new email address in the given time, 30 days.

Many people will have to plug in new email settings to keep their Verizon addresses.

With the message that Verizon provided each and every user, it is quite clear what they want to say. Verizon is closing its e-mail business, and hence if a user wants to keep their address, they need to shift their mail to AOL. Or else they can get any other provider and lose this email address and its contacts.

However, many people cannot understand the concept of how one mail service provider is allowing its users to use a different company’s address.


AOL is not a separate company. Verizon owns AOL since 2015. After shifting your mail address to AOL, users can use mail, contacts, and calendar and will experience enhanced e-mail service.

 Verizon currently features the least efficient spam filter as per some of the user’s reviews. Verizon email service did not support a standard feature IMAP. IMAP syncs messages across multiple devices. It helps in downloading an e-mail from Verizon’s site to laptop.

AOL’s mail service syncs across other devices. But it is helpless in the face of spam. Verizon’s spokesman Raymond McConville noted in an email that this move would enhance their profit. He also informed that users would be able to keep the same Verizon address even if they move to different Internet service provider. It is possible as the “”  no longer shares a bond with their broadband service.

Users will have to plug in new server settings in any mail programs they chose on available devices. In case you get mail in a Web browser, users will have to bookmark a new address.

In case users do not take any action before the date provided in the email notification, they will lose access to mail, contacts, and calendar. Some users received a message with expiration date appearing as null. However, it is 30 days from the notice.

McConville said out of some 4.5 million email accounts involved, out of these, 2.3 million are active. The company in 2015 started deactivating those who did not have any activity since 180 days. Verizon also stopped providing email addresses to new internet subscribers.

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