United Airlines shows evil face again: Beats up passenger and drags him off the plane

A video showing the bloody outcome after a passenger from United Airlines was treated ill-mannered and dragged out from the flight became viral last night. People even appealed to boycott such airlines which treated a passenger in a way that he started bleeding. The crew dragged off him from his overbooked flight after he refused to give up his seat to a United employee on stand-by.

In the video below, the man keeps on repeating that he wants to go home. He even urges the cruel staff to kill him. Passenger Audra Bridges uploaded an earlier video of the incident on Facebook. He informed The Courier-Journal that initially, United offered its passengers $400 and a hotel room if they canceled their flight for the day and booked it for the next day at 3 p.m.

When none passenger stood up to give the seat for the amount offered, United increased the amount to $800 after
passengers boarded. The crew even announced that the flight would not take off until four stand-by employees receive seats. When no passenger stood up, a manager allegedly told passengers that a computer would select four passengers to kick off the flight.

Stop Giving United your Money


People urges to peaceful while protesting against United Airlines. They urge everyone to boycott it and inform people that it will be fun. If you stop flying in United and ask your family members and friends to stop flying in it, the overall company will suffer, and this will be a justice.

Many other airline companies respect their passengers, treat them well and never refuses to apologize. These airline companies will gladly accept your money and in return deliver you proper service without enlisting a muscular man to slam your head into an armrest and drag you out of the plane for one of its employees.

Even the airline CEO could not properly apologize for the whole abusing incident. It isn’t the first time we saw such rude behavior from United. A couple of weeks ago, United refused to allow three young girls to board flights because they were wearing leggings.

United neither apologized for that incident. There are plenty more events that reveal the masked evil face of United Airlines. Few months before its former CEO, Smisek resigned in disgrace, United made headlines for diverting a flight to kick an autistic child off the flight. The incident took place after a fellow passenger complained that the child was disruptive and pleaded the flight crew to get more sensitive to her needs. One incident was a Muslim girl who asked for an unopened can of Diet Coke for hygienic reasons, but the flight crew refused.

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