Someone Hacked all Emergency Weather Siren in Dallas

Last year someone kept hacking traffic signals in Dallas. Anonymous corrupted electronic messages into jockey missives like Work is canceled, Go back home. Donal Trump is a Shapeshifting Lizard.

Whatever one’s opinion is, whether this was funny, dumb or vandalism; this Big Dallas prank of hacking traffic signals in 2016 had one quality that was absent this year. It was silent.

On Friday night, 18 minutes before midnight, every single emergency weather siren in Dallas started warning. All of the 156 emergency weather sirens screamed for an hour and a half. It produced a combined feeling of annoyance, terror, and amusement in about 1.3 million residents. The actual purpose of the siren is to warn anyone caught outdoors in a tornado or a violent storm.

Dallas Morning News reported that the sirens are something of a spring feature in that part of Texas. They occasionally see twisters roam past officer towers and three tornadoes touched here just a few days earlier.

But it never went so in a clear weather and at midnight. Hence, every awoken Dallasites could only predict what was happening until city workers could figure out and do something.

City Officials Word’sSiren map dallas

A city spokeswoman informed next day that with such a prank some people cracked jokes while others seemed threatened. She advised that there were people who even asked whether someone attacked their city because of activities going on overseas.

Even the Dallas 911 system went through technical crash when thousands of Dallasites flooded on it. After an hour when siren continued, city officials called it a malfunction and informed that they are fixing it.

Final Step

By 1:20 a.m, when the siren continued, flummoxed officials decided that the only way to stop the noise was to unplug the radio system and the repeater and turn the siren completely off, informed Rocky Vaz, emergency management director.

At last officials announced it as a hack. They told reporters that someone gained physical access to a hub connecting all the sirens. They stated that it cannot be turned on again until Monday as the city tries to figure who, how and why did such prank.

Vaz informed that this was the first time when sirens citywide got hacked. Earlier during 1990’s, someone hacked them but now all the sirens, only a few.




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