Smartphone Battery does not lasts longer: Here’s a way how you can fix it!

Every iPhone user faces a big time battery drain issue. People usually predict that they spend a lot of time over apps, camera or games and hence the battery does not survive longer. Now people opt many ways to extend their battery life, including update OS, Adjust Screen Brightness, Use Wifi when needed, turn off location, etc.

How you can fix the Battery draining issues.

1. Start with your Battery Test

Battery life

People shall keep battery relaxing in standby mode. It should only be processing heavy lifting when someone is using his phone. Some apps don’t allow the battery to relax in standby mode.

Follow the following instructions.

Open Settings and then go to Battery. Scroll to the bottom, and then you will find two numbers, of these, one is for Standby mode, and other is for Usage. Usage number should be a lot smaller than Standby mode. To confirm it, jot down your Standby and Usage times and then click the lock button. Let the phone rest for 5 minutes and then open the lock and observe numbers again.  If standby time is 5 minutes higher its fine, if Usage time increases by even a single minutes, something is not right.

2. Turn off Push Notifications

When an app performs in the background even in case you are not using it, it might be malfunctioning and draining your battery. It happens very often, especially with Exchange push email.

To fix it,  Open Settings, go to emails, then accounts and then fetch new data. Set your settings to turn that off temporarily and set it to Fetch every 15 to 30 minutes. The user can even set it to Manual mode; it will scan for new messages when you open the email app.

For Android users, manage push notifications settings for any apps. Open Settings and then Apps and then pick up the app and tweak its individual settings.

3. Background Apps are Killer

Many apps run at background even when you are not using it. It is Background App Refresh. Apps keep on updating in the background like Music app fetching new playlists, Facebook updates, and may game keep running at the same time.

Check out the apps that consume a lot of battery. Open Settings go to Battery and check the list of apps that is draining battery. The app that consumes power in the background too has a tag “Background Activity.” Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp are at the peaks when we talk about it.

Open Settings, go to General, then open Background App Refresh page and toggle off any apps that you don’t want to work at background.

4. Multitasking is Fine

Everyone does this. We have a universal concept that until we double tap home button and close all background apps, they consume phone battery. However, it isn’t so. Rather we advise you that f you perform it on a regular basis, please do not do it. It might hurt overall battery life for an extended logical reason.

If an app is in multitasking menu, it doesn’t symbolize that it’s fetching your battery. Rather, the app pauses, it’s in memory but not doing any work. Closing the app from multitasking means, shutting down it. Now opening it again says that it restarts from initial and hence put more load on the battery.

5. Low Power Mode

Both Android and iOS phones come with battery saving mode. It turns off almost all extra features of the phone and saves a tremendous amount of power. Go to settings, open Battery, and tap on Low Power Mode.

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