Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy Will Be Released This May on PlayStation Vita!

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy will be released for PlayStation Vita and PC through Steam on May 16 in North America and May 19 in Europe, NIS America declared that at the 2017 press event. It will also feature dual audio, English and Japanese.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy Will Be Released This May on PlayStation Vita

A PS Vita limited edition is already available for pre-order through the NIS America Store for $59.99 and it also has a copy of the game, collector’s box, deluxe softcover art book, clear file folder, 16-track original soundtrack with jewel case and a tear resistant poster. Wow, wonder what you’d need a tear-resistant poster for specifically.

The story of the game has also been given by NIS America. The story continues from the Operation Abyss and the gamer has to defend Tokyo from a new more dangerous threat in this dungeon crawling RPG.

When a mysterious thing only known as “The Embryo” appeared in the sky out of nowhere, the CPA and the Xth Squad are immediately mobilized and sent out to face the new threat. The objective of this game is to go into different and difficult labyrinths, more confusing than the previous one and to be able to creat the most perfect team to overcome each obstacle faced buy the player and his teammates.

It features a new story, and a very unprecedented character customization through the new “Sub-Blood” system, and an item-based character ability modification, Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy will definitely be a game where you can lose yourself in the story line and the great challenges set up for the player and his elite team that will face the obstacles.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy Will Be Released This May on PlayStation Vita!

Features of the Game:

  • Extensive Character Customization: As mentioned above, there is more than better character customization option that is an expansion on the Operation Abyss’ Blood Code system. The player will not be able to attach to different characters a supplemental Blood Code to be able to eventually create hybrid job classes.
  • Item-Attaches Skills and Spells: Now you can add new skills and spells to your perfect squad by equipping the team with new items so that they bring them new abilities.
  • Balanced Challenge and Reward: With the return of the Rise & Drop system, the player will be able to recover from increasingly powerful drops. That is if you want to risk facing increasingly risky enemies, so then you should be ready.
  • A New Operation to Comepete: After a very small period of peace and quiet in near-future Tokyo, get ready to go into the battlefield once again and continue the story of the Xth Squad in a very new and very mysterious adventure.

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