Occulus Rift and Touch Controllers are getting a $200 discount!

Occulus Rift recently reduced the price of its touch controllers, giving a whooping $200 discount to the buyers.

This price reduction on their part will lead to more achieving more market share, and also bring in even more customers into the actually very pricey virtual reality market. Those games that are sold on Steam that also support OpenVR will automatically be compatible with Occulus Rift and their Touch Controllers.

How much will you be paying?

Instead of spending a total of $798 on the whole Occulus Roft and Touch Controllers, you will now only have to spend a very low amount of $598. “The more people in VR, the better it is. We believe this lower entry price will attract consumers to PC VR at a faster pace,” Rubin said.

The Occulus Rift actually cost around $600 when it was first released in the spring of 2016. And now the price of the Occulus Touch controllers is that same price. “There are two fundamental things that we need to push on to do that”.

A price drop is a kind of coup for Occulus.

It’s a move that breaks down the financial barriers for many people who can be potential VR users from becoming a part of this word, Occulus announced a significant price drop for the Rift headset, the Touch Controllers and the standaline Occulus Sensors. “This is how the technology business works”.

In fact, in the past few months, a lot of appeals had been made to bring down the price of the Occulus kit, including a $499 Occulus certified PC that has met the specifications to be able to run the VR system.

Rival VR and HTC’s Vive said that they won’t be reducing the price of their own system, as a response to Occulus’ price drop that was announced. Facebook had bought Occulus for aout $2 billion as a part of Zuckerberg’s effort to realize his own vision.

“We know that price is definitely one of the concerns”, Nate Mitchell, the head of product of Occulus said, while making new improvements in the manufacturing and the reducing prices to let the company pass on the savings to the customers. First of all, device maker LG disclosed that during the Games Developer Conference, they teamed up with Valve Software to create a new VR headset based on the SteamVR the very platform HTC uses with the Vive. We feel this is the right time to get really aggressive”.

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