Do not post Cover Tracks on Facebook Account, or else your account gets Suspended

All music lovers are familiar with cover tracks that singers put on their timeline on social media. As a music lover, I love cover tracks more than the original songs. Mostly singers put cover tracks sung by them over Facebook or YouTube. However, recently a singer faced problem after covering a soundtrack over the Facebook account.

Last night in Los Angeles, Facebook suspended an account of a singer after he covered a song of Ed Sheeran on his timeline.

Actual Scenario

Charlotte Campbell is a busker from London. She posted a video on her YouTube channel last night to inform why Facebook suspended her account. She informed that after she posted a snippet of a Sheeran cover song, Facebook suspended her account for three days. Sheeran apologized after knowing the whole scenario.

Many singers started their career with singing cover tracks on Youtube. Ariana Grande, former Nickelodeon performer the also began her music career through YouTube. There are many singers and YouTube channels where singers sing cover tracks.

However, posting cover tracks on Facebook could be tough since it does not have license wth music companies. Facebook has constantly taken member’s videos or suspended their account for posting these tracks.charlotte_campbell


Digital Music News reported that Sheeran fans found that they are prime targets of Facebook. Moreover, they even wondered that the problem is not with Facebook, it is with the artist.

Campbell posted a video on her Youtube channel informing her fans about the pain she was facing in those three days of suspension. She informed that Facebook told her that in case she posted any other cover video in future, the social network will delete her account.

However, Sheeran posted on her timeline to apologize and urged to keep it up.

Sheeran told that the ban has nothing to do with him. He blamed the snafu on his record label, Warner Music. Sheeran said that he love to hear when people cover his songs.

Facebook’s response

The company did not speak much about the incident. They informed that they are constantly in negotiations with the music companies to solve these types of cases.

For all music lovers, that remain faithful to original tracks, you all don’t have great solutions if you are dead-set on posting to Facebook. Posting a video on Facebook will take more time due to more traffic than putting it on Youtube directly since Facebook rewards direct uploads with more eyeballs.

However, if you post a video to Youtube and then post it on Facebook, you need not worry much. Posting the video on Facebook will get you followers, and Youtube will handle all copyright issues.

Sheeran started his career by posting songs on MySpace. Currently, he is the singer of number one album on Billboard, Divide.

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