Is Joss Whedon going to direct ‘Batgirl’ the Movie?

It looks like the DCEU (short for DC Extended Universe) has decided to recruit director Joss Whedon for their solo Batgirl movie, seeing as he shit 2012 Avengers right into space with his skills.

Joss Whedon will make Batgirl

With Wonder Woman making an appearance in June and Gotham City Sirens (yes, the one with all the girls in it) is already in the scripting process, this one will put DC several movies above Marvel, whose superhero universe doesn’t have a standalone superheroine movie, yet. Captain Marvel is in the makes with Brie Larson as the titular character and it’s scheduled for 2019 release.

According to Variety, Whedon and Warner Bros. are coming to close a deal with the Buffy, The Vampire Slayer creator to write and produce and direct a live-action Batgirl film.

Batgirl is considered to be the comic world’s oldest superheroine and most famous. She appeared on the 1996 Batman TV series and achieved a lot of prominence in the Batman​ family of the comic books. In the movies, she was played by Alicia Silverstone in the widely reviled Batman & Robin and most recently, she was voiced by Rosario Dawson in The LEGO Batman Movie.

There have been many Batgirl in the comics, but the most loved of them all
was Barbara Gordon, the daughter of long-time Batman ally commissioner James Gordon.

If Whedon’s the one who’s making the movie with the Barbara Gordon version of Batgirl, it’s very likely that we will see J.K. Simmons as well in the movie since he’s the DCEU version of James Gordon.

Whedon is also responsible for the creation of many other cult hits TV shows such as Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse and co-created Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He previously said that he will not direct for the MCU after his gruelling experience while making Avengers: Age of Ultron.

It’s seems that MCU has been really reluctant to make standalone superheroine movie, what with all the Disney Princesses that they’ve got anyway. Even with DCEU’s Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad  have received a lot of mixed reactions, they’re at least hold enough to go ahead and bank on their superheroines to help them out.

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