Johny Hendricks defeats Hector Lombard in UFC 105

On 19th February evening, two great fighters clashed each other at UFC Fight Night 105 in Scotiabank Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Johny Hendricks faced Hector Lombard last night. Johny is former UFC Welterweight champion whereas Hector is former Bellator Middleweight champion.

Both the fighters are recently not in form. They lost combined five straight fights recently. Johny lost his three previous matches against Stephen Thompson, Kelvin Gastelum, and Neil Magny. On the other hand, Hector lost his last two fights where Dan Henderson and Neil Magny defeated him.

Both the fighters faced do or die situation. Thus the fight became more interesting as both played to exist and secure their UFC contracts.

Match Statistics:Johny Hendricks faces Hector Lombard

Both the fighters started slowly with circling each other and trying to engage. Hendricks started first with a little kick and then a knee in the clinch. Johny in return gave a counter attack with a vast grazing power left the shot.

Later Lombard observed Hendricks on using more legs. Hence once he caught Hendricks little kick and showered punches on him. Hendricks again scored another knee when he hit it to Lombard’s clinch again.

Again a little kick to Lombard but this time he woke up quickly. The clinch slowed down the action and referee warned Lombard to stay away. Before first round ended, both the fighters struggled with heavy punches from each other.

Hendricks took off second round as it started. Lombard countered with punches over him at the outset itself. Hendricks landed a slapping low kick, but in return, Lombard scored a combo.

Later Hendricks countered with one of his clinch. Lombard hit a knee to Hendricks twice below the belt. The referee then came in and held both away and gave Hendricks a break.

Then after Lombard again showered punches over Hendricks. In return, Hendricks also managed to hit a few. Hendricks hit few kicks and punches however Lombard managed to find out clinch once again. Lombard faced another warning for grabbing the fence. Lombard got a knee and clichéd again.

This round seemed a better for Johny Hendricks as later he hit a few tight knees and punches.

The last round, Round three began with Lombard taking over Hendricks with a huge knee and kicks. Hendricks was active but hit many out of reach. Not only Hendricks but Lombard too missed many shots.

While Lombard scored with a punch and body kick, Hendricks hit another big knee. Hendricks moved a lot and threw another knee followed uppercut.

Hendricks later began combos of knee and punches after he escaped an attempt of the knee from Lombard. Lombard, however, managed to hit a jumping knee, but Hendricks again rose up quickly.

The fight ended at Lombard chasing Hendricks to hit a shot.

Finally, the referee raised Johny Hendricks hand at last. Johny Hendricks defeated Hector Lombard.

The Unanimous decision was:

Round 1: 30-27

Round 2: 30-27

Round 3: 29-28

For highlights:

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