Where is the Green Tunic in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild?

We have all always seen in Link in his green tunic and nothing else. Most people who don’t play the Legend of Zelda know Link because his bright green tunic and tights. But what is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild doing?

Ever since Link debuted in that first game released by NES back in 1989, he has been working in his iconic green tunic pretty much all the time. And yeah, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has changed a lot of things. But not that would affect Link’s green tunic, right.

What about the green tunic?

A lot of people thought that that wouldn’t happen because it seems really preposterous, but those same people are not entirely sure now. So here we are to present to you all the information that we have on the green tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Breath if the Wild.

As is the present state of affairs, it seems to that the continuance of the green tunic is under heavy debate. It was seen in the game files of the new game, so maybe it’s likely that it’s there in some way, but no one has come up with anything solid yet. There is still hope however, for those who want a nice green tunic for Link so that it isn’t disconcerting for them.

However, the best hope for players right now is to use amiibo. Amiibo grants the players random, and very rare and powerful items and then these gear Link up to use and wear the green tunic in the game eventually.

This seems like the only good way in which one can let the green tunic into Breath of the Wild. But nothing has been dropped as of yet. And it’s seems like wishful thinking at this point, but some people think that it will actually work.

So if anything at all, it’s worth a try if you have some Zelda amiibo laying around for you to use and get that green tunic, if Breath of the Wild doesn’t have it.

Other than that, the question still remains. Will we get to see the green tunic or not in Breath of the Wild? If it’s in the store or dungeon, then nobody has found it yet to be sure about it. Unless someone finds it, nothing can be said.

But wait for an update on the same, whenever it comes, an runway.

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