Gongaza wins over their rival BYC with final scores 87-52

Gonzaga last night faced their rivals Brigham youth University in basketball. The match went exciting as Gonzaga set a new world record of scoring most 3 pointers. It was Gonzaga’s ninth win back to back.

Highlights of the game:

Gonzaga with nine 3’s in the first half itself won the match from their rivals BYU with final scores 87-52. In the whole game, Gonzaga scored a record breaking 17 3-pointers. The game was played at McCarthey Athletic Centre, Gonzaga University, Cincinnati street.
Gonzaga with its ninth back to back win now stands at the top in WCC (West Coast Conference).

Gongaza wins over byc

Gonzaga set its previous record in the same season against UC Irvine with 15 three-pointers. On Thursday night they broke that record against rivals with 17 this time. They scored in 17 out of 25, a total 68% points from 3 pointers range.

They scored in 27 shots out of 51 from inside the arc, resulting in that they were more comfortable in scoring from the outer field against the rivals BYU.
The Zags hit six straight 3-pointers in the second quarter, including three in a row by Emma Stach, to put Gonzaga up 32-10 with less than five minutes left in the first half.

BYU gained the first point in the match and were on top 0-2 but only for the first minute of the game. Since then it was Cougar’s show. With first 3 pointer from Emma Stach, Zags scored 12 points back to back whereas BYU got 0 in between.

In fact, Cougars were so successful in marking BYU’s players that they restricted them to score 3 pointers in the whole game. BYU players scored only two three-pointers in the entire match. In return to that six players from Zags have scored at least two 3-pointers with seven players scoring 3 pointers.

Laura Stockton was amongst shining, as she scored the highest percentage of points and assists. Laura scored 12 points from 5 shots out of 8 shots she took from the court and assisted five times.
Gonzaga faces Santa Clara next. The match will be on 4th February at 2 p.m.

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