Donald Trump Kicked One Direction out of his Hotel Once!

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, is famous of a lot of things. Sex Scandals, racist comments, etc. But seems like he’s now famous for doing something else as well. Donald Trump kicked the boyband One Direction out of one of his hotels.

Trump threw 1D out


Why did he do that now? To such a famous boyband, nonetheless.

Because the bang refused to meet his grown up daughter. That’s why.

Band member Liam Payne told the news about it in his band new interview with Rollacoaster.

Payne said in the interview that Trump had called up their room asking if they’d be happy to meet his daughter Ivanka or Tiffany – which daughter, Liam doesn’t know – and their manager declined, saying that they were asleep and he didn’t want to wake them up.

He said, “Trump actually kicked us out of his hotel once. You wouldn’t believe it. It was about (meeting) his daughter. He phoned up our manager and we were asleep.”

Trump then took the entire band and threw them out of his hotel and then he even refused to let them out through a secret exit, making them go through the front.

Payne continued, “He said ‘well, wake them up’ and I was like ‘no’ and then he wouldn’t let us use the underground garage. Obviously, in New York, we can’t really go outside. New York is ruthless for us. So he was like, ‘OK, then I don’t want you in my hotel.’ So we had to leave.”

One Direction are currently on a hiatus and they are doing their own thing right now, with all members going after their solo careers. Niall Horan, a band member, promised the fans recently that they will all reunite one day in the future and the fans shouldn’t worry.

But really, was it that bad that Trump had to kick the band out while they were asleep and then make them leave through the front exit nevertheless?

In wonder how US will fare now.

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