Boston Dynamics: New Experimented Robot jumps 4 feet, Carry Weight on 2 Wheels

Everyone of us in this 21st century is famous with robots. Every day a new research is carried out in the vast field of education robotics. There was a time when we all wondered, it is just a toy, and it could never take over the world. After all, how can I toy walking over wheels can do all that what we do?

Well, what if I say we were wrong? Technology went too far. Let me introduce you Handle, a robot with many amazing features, unlike humans.

Boston Dynamics recently released images and video of their new robot. People saw and heard about Handle in early February. The world saw some old footage of Handle from a conference. Venture Capitalist, Steve Jurveston filmed this footage.Introducing Handle from Boston Dynamics

About Boston Dynamics

Marc Raibert founded Boston Dynamics. The organization builds advanced robots with remarkable behavior. Their robots are agile, mobile, fast and multifunctional.

Many high-level organizations such as DARPA, US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Sony Corporation walk towards Boston Dynamics whenever they are stuck and need some advice.

At the conference, founder Marc informed the crowd that Handle was just an experiment. They did not build it intentionally. It was just an experiment for making its earlier humanoid helper Atlas affordable.

He informed that Handle could easily carry heavy loads on its little feet. He said that Handle is just to learn and build something like a humanoid helper. The upcoming Humanoid Helper we focus on will be less expensive but will still have significant capabilities.

Hence Handle was just an experiment to teach us how we can make it cost efficient and simultaneously increase its capabilities.

About Handle

  • The handle has the speed of just over 14 km/hr. On a single battery charge, Handle can travel 24 Km.
  • SlashGear titles Handle as a “Rollerblading Kangaroo.”
  • The previous video gave us an idea about how it can easily manage pretty sick hurdles and spins. But the latest video shows us capabilities of Handle to operate in a harsh environment as well. The handle can easily walk in the snow, on hills, and even over uneven terrains.
  • The handle is 6.5 feet tall which most of the humans cannot cross. The handle can manage to take a high jump too. It can easily handle 4-foot vertical jumps. The maximum high jump by a person was 5.3 feet.

The handle has both electric and hydraulic actuators. The robot displays how quickly it could be used to move boxes around the factory floor. With such a great robot just for an experiment, we could estimate what Boston Dynamics are capable of and how they can lead the world of robots in future.

The handle has 10 actuated joints to make its design simple and easy to manufacture in case its manufacturers in mass. Whatever the reason might me, Handle is just fun to watch.

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