Black clouds still surround Uber: Another Executive Resigns

Uber is facing a tough time since past couple of weeks. Uber lost is another executive last night. This time it’s Jeff Jones.

Jeff Jones was a former Target Chief Marketing Officer and joined Uber last August. Yesterday, he abruptly announced that he decided to step down as president of the company.

In return, Uber issued a short statement to thank Jones for giving his valuable six months to the apologies. A statement from Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick stated that after Jones resignation, all top management got a huge surprise. He also clarified that Jones left all of a sudden because he was not under consideration for the new role of Chief Operating Officer.

Kalanick wrote that after Uber had announced its intention to hire a new COO, Jeff took a tough decision that he is unable to see his future at Uber. Kalanick informed that it was unfortunate that he announced all this through the press.

On SundayJeff Jones and Uber

Jones departure first came under notice on Sunday in Recode. The report he presented put the blame on the Uber. The statement theĀ  Uber’s situation to the finest ranging from an ex-employees experience to the sexiest work environment brought by Alphabet owned Waymo over self-propelling car technology.

Kalanick had to apologize his staff because of the confusion caused. He admitted that he needs to grow up as a leader and announced that he would look for number two.

Uber’s Past

In recent weeks, two other high-profile executives had already left the company. Vice President of product and growth, Ed Baker and Senior Vice President of Engineering, Amit Singhal left their job recently.

However, the company forced Amit to step down as he has been the focus of a sexual discrimination investigation at Google, his former company.

Jones Statement

Jones told Recode that he finds inconsistency in beliefs and approach to leadership at Uber. He can no longer stay as the President of the ride-sharing business.

Uber came in market in early 2009 and is one amongst the fastest growing tech startups. The company grew up to a net worth of around $68 billion as a global transportation company.


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