John Kerry
John Kerry is one of our expert authors in charge with writing about the news fields.Currently living in New York, John Kerry graduated at New York University with a Bachelor Degree in business in 2007. Contact him by dropping him an e-mail at

Jamie Eleanor
Jamie Eleanor is one of the first authors to join our team.Contact her at

Debbie Eva
Debbie Eva is one of our newest publishers.She currently lives in Atlantic City, NJ.Over the past few years, Eva has participated in various journalistic projects including some of which she started when she worked for a local newspaper in Atlantic City.Contact her at

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Andrew Lewis is a passionate news writer currently living in New York.Contact him at

Fry Lawrence
Fry Lawrence is currently the leader and coordinator of our team of writers.He lives in California and is collaborating with The Sacramento Bee since 2005.Contact John at

Beverly K. Johnson
Beverly K. Johnson has finished his studies of European Economy and Politics at the University of Manchester in 2004. He writes short stories since high-school and hopes to have them published some day. Johnson loves animals and owns 1 dog and a cat. Contact him by dropping him an e-mail at

Theresa Milano
Theresa Milano is one of our top authors for the Celebrity and Tehnology categories.She is very passionate when it comes to writing about celebrities and she never misses a chance to participate in the latest gadget events.You can contact Theresa by dropping her an e-mail at