The Justice Department to announce allegations on Yahoo breach on Wednesday

Millions of Yahoo user accounts that faced hacking attacks expect The Justice Department to announce charges soon. According to a US official, The Justice Department will announce allegations very quickly, maybe on Wednesday hearing.

The official is not authorized to comment publically. Hence he declined to state further related to the hacking attacks and the Justice Department charges on Yahoo. The only thing he said publically is that The Justice Department has scheduled an announcement on Wednesday morning.

Yahoo kept quiet and did not comment anything regarding the issue. Verizon, which will soon be Yahoo’s owner, also refused to comment anything regarding the topic.

Bloomberg first reported the news on Tuesday. It is still unclear about which hacking incident is involved in the charges.Yahoo mail image


Yahoo faced hacking of Data in December 2016. AT this time, approximately 1 billion users suffered hacking of their personal accounts and data.

Another hacking incident in Yahoo includes 500 million accounts around. This event took place in 2014. For this case, Yahoo stated that it has evidence of linking 500 million account violations to a state-sponsored actor.

 However, it is still unclear that the Justice Department will announce charge sheet against which hacking incident, 1 billion accounts hacking or 500 million hacked accounts.

Yahoo Discloses 1Billion breach accounts

The security violations provoked Verizon to talk about the price reduction. They face a total of $4.48 Billion including $350 million from the Assets of Yahoo. Both Yahoo and Verizon will share some legal and regulatory liabilities because of the past violations from Yahoo.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s CEO agreed to deny her equity award of 2017 because of the massive breach her company faced. She stated that the hard working workers of Yahoo should receive all her equity award money and kept for paying the charges.

Yahoo board members also voted to restrain her 2016 annual bonus. Marissa gets around $ 2 million as her annual bonus. Yahoo board members decided to control her gift because of the same 2014 breach reason. Marissa contract states that Yahoo pays her no less than $12 million per year as equity bonus.

Ronald S. Bell resigned from his position as Yahoo’s general counsel, and he did not receive any payout.

According to the sources, the case involves four people as suspects. Out of the four people included, three are from Russia and one from Canada. The officials shall arrest suspect in Canada, but they still don’t have access to arrest the suspect in Russia.



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