Agni V Missile Test – India successfully Test ICBM Missle

THE FOURTH TEST FIRE OF THE AGNI-V BALLISTIC MISSILE SUCCESSFUL: The fourth and last test fire of the Agni-V ballistic missile got successful from the Abdul Kalam Island off the coast of Odisha.

The missile was fired through a canister which was mounted on a tetra truck. The launch took place in morning 11.00 am on Monday. After the launch, the Agni -v rose to 20 m of height when the first stage motor kicked in and the missile started to gain altitude to reach 600 km of altitude. It flew about 20 minutes and then fell into the Australian waters as was targeted on its onboard computer system.

Agni V Missile Test – India successfully Test ICBM Missle

Agni V Missile Test

The Agni-V ballistic missile is 17 meters long and weighs around 50 tons approx. This missile is powered by the solid fuel. The Agni-V can carry a nuclear warhead of about 1.5 tons with it with its ranging capacity of more than 5000 km.

Actually, the missile is classified ti be an intermediate range ballistic missile but when carrying less payload can also cover the range of 8000 km and hence can be called as an Intercontinental ballistic missile.

The Agni-V is a part of the Agni missile family developed by the Defense research and development organization of India under the Integrated Guided Missile Development project.

The project developed the family of five missiles Agni-I having a range of 700 km, Agni-II having a range of 2000 km, Agni-III having a range of 3000 km, Agni-IV having a range of 4000 km and Agni-V ranging 5000 km.

Actually, the Agni project was a technology demonstrator project of re-entry technology but later it got converted into a ballistic missile. The successful testing of the Agni-V missile led India to match the Nuclear Deterrence Capability in the contemporary world.

This Agni-V missile can easily target most of the important towns of China and give us a strong hold in preserving the strategic balance and stability in South Asia.

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