2018 Dodge SRT Demon Challenger finally unwrapped today

After a long time of teasers, rumors, messages, finally, the much awaited 2018 Dodge SRT Demon is unwrapped for everyone to see. With the few teasers and specifications that websites provided over the internet, we knew that this car would definitely be a demon. It will be unlike any other car ever produced. It will be more powerful, faster and will have a unique skillset to make it the most capable quarter-mile production car ever.

2018 Dodge SRT Demon

The demon made several records. It can pull both the wheels off the ground at launch. Dodge invited Guinness Book of World Record to document the feat as the first factory car to do a wheelie. In fact, the car traveled 2.92 feet over two tires. Another record that Demon set was of 1.8g of acceleration. At the same time a third record was set, fastest production car in a quarter mile.

Demon runs a quarter mile in 9.650 seconds at over 140mph. All thanks to its free race fuel programming and light weight front racing wheels. Even with all four standard-sized wheels, Demon is good for 9.90 seconds at over 130mph.

Dodge Demon 2018 specifications:

It is so quick that the NHRA banned it from competition for infractions. However, they did not ban for use in the street. The pricing is not yet announced nut Dodge informs that they are trying to keep it under $100,000.


Dodge gets 840 horsepower, 770 lb-ft of torque so that it can achieve 0-60mph in mere 2.3 sec. This high amount of power makes it the most powerful production V8 ever. This immense power and Demon’s trick launching software and hardware will throw passengers back against their seat with 1.8Gs.

Dodge modifies the red painted supercharged 6.2 liters Hemi V8 engine over the Hellcat to produce massive power from it. Dodge assembles it with a 2.7-liter supercharger that turns the boost up to 14.5 psi, redlines at 6500 and is referred as SRT Power Chiller. This Power Chiller uses the air conditioning to cool air coming through new Air Grabber Hood Scoop. The after run cooler cools the supercharger after the car is shut off.

The demon uses duel fuel pump to insert more fuel and generate more power. The devil comes to three horsepower ratings: 500 with the black key, 808 with red key and the full 840 with a red core and 100 octane fuel.

The Demons TransBrake system locks the transmission output shaft to hold the car from a standing start. The transmission is improved with a torque converter that has a stall speed 11 percent higher than the Hellcats. The shift paddle gives better launch holding the brake with one foot and gas with other.

Extra features

For customers who have family and friends, the spare seats and trunk carpeting can be available with extra $1. For the music lover, they can opt for Harman Kardon 19 speaker, 900-watt audio system, sunroof, and leather front seats with a heated steering wheel.

The available drive modes for the street are, the drag strip, password protected valet mode to limit horsepower, engine speed to 4000 rpm.

All in All the Demon is a complete devil package to touch the sky.

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