Samsung Epic 4G: Release Date

It seems that after the pictures,Samsung Epic 4G is a great phone.I like it very much and I think that Samsung Epic 4G will have e big succes.Samsung Epic 4G will be released on August 20.

Samsung Epic 4G

It is yesterday’s official announcement by Samsung on the launch of new smartphones, already famous with the name Galaxy Pro, however, will be marketed under a new name: Samsung Epic 4G. 

This marks the official entrance smartphone from Samsung within next generation networks, and represents a real threat to the HTC Ages. Samsung Epic 4G will be released on August 20.

Samsung Epic 4G:

The characteristics of this gioillino are without comparison, is about a 4-inch WVGA display Super AMOLED, a class data connectivity WiFi b / g / n and DLNA technology, but the interesting thing is his ability to manage a hotspot on 3G network and 4G up to 5 devices, most obviously, GPS sensors, full support for Google Mobile services. It seems that Samsung Epic 4G is really a great phone.

Regarding the quality of a 5MP camera with autofocus and LED and Power regarding the video recording is in HD (720p). Samsung has the Epic 4G 16GB external memory, expandable course, 1 GB of ROM and 512 MB of RAM, all managed by a 1GHz processor Hummingbird.I hope that Samsung Epic 4G will have succes.

The Android operating system is 2.1 but is already developing the update to version 2.2 (Frøya). Korean This new smartphone will bring a new Samsung Media Hub, a virtual shop where you can buy or rent a video, making a shameless competition to iTunes! Samsung Epic 4G will have Android 2.1.

Returning the phone, plus the convenience of the QWERTY keyboard, you will have an innovative technology for writing touch-screen Swype.Samsung Epic 4G is a great phone and I think that because of QWERTY keyboard,Samsung Epic 4G will have bigger succes than Samsung Galaxy S.

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