NFL Draft 2010 Live – 75th anniversary

If you want to Watch NFL Draft 2010 Live follow the link bellow.To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the NFL Draft 2010 which begins April 22, fans have voted to elect the top 75 choices in the history of the Nfl Draft 2010. Almost 45 million votes were recorded between March 12 and April 18 on the NFL .com site.

NFL Draft 2010

NFL Draft 2010 Live

The NFL announced last night ordered the choice of the 75th to the 51st spot. The choice of the 50th-26th place will be announced today and the choice of the 25th to 11th place Wednesday. The Top-10 best choice of the Draft will be presented at the 2010 NFL Draft to.

The top 10 choices in the history of the Draft will be announced in the first when a large part of them will be in the Hall of Radio City Music Hall, site of the 2010 edition of the NFL Draft. The exact order of the Top-10 will be unveiled at the end of the second round on Friday with speeches from some of them.

A shortlist of 320 players on the first 74 Drafts was conducted at 10 players per team. Fans could vote by selecting a player on a pair from a random basis in the 320 names. After selecting the winners of the 30 “dual”, fans were able to propose their own top-10.

Thursday will host the 75th edition of the NFL Draft. All for TV, internet and specialized magazines in the American Football only speak of it. If you follow the NFL closely the “prospects” should no longer be a secret for you. The drafting of you selected has some information that might have escaped.

So did you know?

DB ERIC BERRY Tennessee (photo)

He studied dentistry in Tennessee and was an intern in a dentist office in Georgia last summer.

Oklahoma QB Bradford Sat

Cherokee is the first descendant to start a game at the quarterback position for a Division I university since Sonny Sixkiller, who played for the University of Washington (1970-72).


Was nicknamed “The Terminator” by his teammates because of his aggressive style to block and the similarity of his name with the character of John Connor’s famous 1991 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger “Terminator 2: Judgement Day.”

Wake Forest DB Brandon Ghee

Currently working to create a charitable organization called the Ghee Force Foundation, whose mission is to help veterans of the U.S. Army.

Florida DB JOE Haden

Is most of his four older mals whose names all begin with the letter J (Josh, Jordan, Jacob and Jonathon). Joe is the first of the family to attend the Draft, but the only football player. Josh is now running back at Boston College, while Jordan has started in January in Florida to the position of safety.

Louisiana State DB CHAD JONES

Is one of only two players in NCAA history with teammate Jared Mitchell to win the BCS title (2007) and the College World Series (2009).

Michigan ZOLTAN P Mesko

He left Romania to live in the U.S. at the age of 11 years. Her parents played in a lottery to get a green card and is one of 50,000 winners of the 200,000 participants.


Her mother Angela is the “cut-man” of professional boxer Antonio Tarver.


Invited mentor LARRY JOHNSON, SR. The defensive line coach from PSU and the father of Washington Redskins running back LARRY JOHNSON was sitting at his side in the famous Green Room, Radio City Music Hall on the Draft .

Oklahoma State T RUSSELL OKUNG

A chance to become the first OSU Lineman to be selected in the first round of the Draft since JOHN WARD (1970, Minnesota).


Is the first Clemson running back to have been selected to the Academic All-ACC and first team All-ACC.

Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh

Is the son of two parents born abroad. His mother Bernadette is a native of Jamaica and his father Michael in Cameroon.

Florida QB Tim Tebow Was born in Manila in the Philippines while his parents were missionaries there. Tebow has accompanied his father, Bob, the Philippines during the last three summers to help in his mission. Virginia T ED WANG Could become the first player with two Chinese parents to be selected at the NFL Draft. His parents, Nancy and Robert, were both part of the Chinese Olympic team to atleti in the 70s.

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