HTC HD 7 With Windows Phone 7 Will Be Available in O2 Mobile Shop

The O2’s exclusive HTC HD7 is distributed according to data from O2 has already sold out. Windows Mobile 7, the smartphone operating system from Microsoft and the successor to Windows Mobile development, seems to be a success story. Various other Windows-phone-7 Smartphone by the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC could increase the run on Microsoft’s new mobile operating system even more.

HTC HD 7 With Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7 apparently developed faster and better than expected by many. O2 reported to date that the first batch of HTC HD7 is already sold out. And the telecom reported by many pre-orders, the Business Week “at least five-digit sales of HTC HD7 figures from the O2…..

HTC HD7 – Windows-phone-7 Smartphone Overview

The HTC HD7 weighs 160g, has a 4.3 inch (10.9 cm) touch screen display with 480×800 pixel resolution, 16 GB of memory, USB and mini-jack connection. Videos are recorded by a 5-megapixel camera in 720p HD quality. Further, the camera with auto focus and LED flash comes. It’s run by a Qualcomm HTC HD7-1-GHz processor. The operating time and battery life is permanent while at 6 hours using GSM and the UMTS Operation at 5 hours. Via a so-called Office hub, the new Office documents are opened and edited on the HD7, the Xbox Live can be connected through the hub “games”.
Hidden Micro-SD slot on the HTC HD7

Unlike many other Windows-phone-7 Smartphone comes with the HTC HD7 probably a micro-SD slot and can be extended so if necessary. Although support for Micro SD cards in Windows Mobile 7, according to Microsoft is not provided, this seems the HTC HD7 but now it to be possible. Therefore, says that the HD7 is shown on the HTC website with 8 GB internal memory, with O2 but offered for the 16 GB. 8GB internal memory could be a 32-gigabyte card to be upgraded to 40 GB.

It seems that the phones with this new operating system Windows Phone 7 will have succes.HTC HD 7 will be availalbe in o2 mobile shop.Windows Phone 7 is a great operating system and I am sure that it will be a big succes.In the O2 mobile phone shop is the HTC HD7 which will be available for a down payment of 49 € and 24 monthly payments of 20 €. The total price is therefore at 529 € without contract.
More HTC Windows-phone-7 Smartphone

For the launch of Windows Phone 7 on 21 October should actually four models with the new Windows Phone 7 operating system will be available in Germany, but were actually only the Vodafone-exclusive models HTC Trophy 7 and LG Optimus 7  on time on the shelves. The Samsung Omnia 7 is intended to appear only in November. The HTC announced for October 2010 7 Mozart brings Telekom now until 3 November 2010 on the German market. The best overview of the previously announced Windows Phone 7 devices in Wikipedia has items.I am sure that all the phones with this new Windows Phone 7 will have a big succes.

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