Germaine De Randamie wins UFC’s first Featherweight Championship

Germaine de Randamie became the first women’s featherweight champion at UFC 208 championship match. The match was a real thrill and Holly Holm’s dreams at last shattered when Randamie got the title.

Randamie with her win got so emotional as the crowd at Barclays Centre booed at the end of an ordinary game on Saturday night. Randamie when titled with the UFC’s first featherweight champion amongst women, dropped to her knees in celebrations. Randamie defeated Holly, and the final score went to 7-3.

As a showcase for Cristiane Cyborg, “Justino,” UFC created a new 145-pound category championship. Justino was the single fan standing in the front row for the five round championship.

De Randamie is a Dutch kickboxer. She also fought in Strikeforce. After the match had finished and she won, she reported that she needs a surgery of one of her hands.

Holly Holm was the first fighter who defeated Ronda Rousey in 2015. Since then this was her first fight where she lost three straight bouts (10-3).

Was the decision unfair?

In two rounds De Randamie burst with hands and legs on Holm. The crowd howled when Randamie clocked Holm with a right after the horn blew to end the second round. However, near the end of third round, a single head kick from Holm seems dark on De Randamie. After the bell rang for the third round, De Randamie again hit Holm. At this moment referee pulled her over her corner and talked in her ear. However, the anonymous decision shows that she was not penalized for her late punches. These seemed to be crucial points and in the case considered, may have changed the decision after long thinking upon it.

However, she apologized for her faults at last and informed that she did not do all those intentionally. It was all the heat of the game.

The 32-year-old, Randamie was the least expected as she was not known well before she earned the crowned but at last, she walked with the title with the score (48-47). She also reported that Holm was not in the mood to fight me, I felt so. But I just came to fight and win the title.

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