Does Flight allow an Extra Charger in Airplane: Tips for Travellers

Nowadays, travelers always travel equipped with a few high-tech companions to keep them organized and in touch with all dear people. Moreover, these also help in entertainment and are a real time, consumers.

But before you pack your bags, please ensure the below-mentioned checklist. This checklist will relieve you from any hiccups in the journey.


During check in and security check process, TSA scanners always ask you to open your backpack or cabin bag remove your laptop to scan it. They sometimes also prompts you to on it after machine check to ensure whether the laptop is in working condition or not.

However, there is no need of removing all other tech devices including headphones, smartphones, camera, tablet, etc. from the bag. Please keep in mind that if you carry an extra lithium-ion battery for your laptop or any other device, you shall keep it in carry-on baggage only. In case you leave it in checked suitcase, they won’t allow you after scanning process, and this could be a hiccup in your journey.

Hence, take it out and carry it with you onboard the aircraft.

In case you like using a mouse, we suggest you to carry either a wired mouse or mice sold at local dollar market.


These are a perfect time pass for travelers. Always take your USB cable while traveling as most of the airlines allow you to plug in and charge up your device. Passengers can connect USB cable either in the seat front of them or the armrest.

A backup battery is also a good option to avoid hanging up on the walls on the airport. In case you forgot your wall plug but has USB cable, he can charge it by plugging it into the side of a TV in a hotel room.

In case you need to type a lot while traveling, we suggest you to carry the portable keyboard. These will allow you to work faster, more comfortably and with better accuracy.

In case you are traveling outside the US, please contact your data carrier and ensure for lowest charges plan since they will consume roaming charges. Also, make sure that you be in touch with WI-FI as much as possible.

Using apps like MagicApp, Calling& Messaging allow you to call back to US or Canada for free. During traveling, do not open sensitive data like banking, etc. while you are on WI-FI.


Headphones and earbuds are available in the market in various shapes. Noise-cancelling headphones could be favorite choice while traveling on a noisy airplane. You can complete your journey by listening music, audiobooks, podcasts without getting distracted by the outer world.

However, some airlines offer you free headphones which mean you can even take them to your home. But these are not as good as your own, and we suggest you bring them with you in the bag as a back-up.

  • Always ensure the voltage required by your AC Adapters.
  • It is recommended to never pay a rental company for GPS unit if you have a smartphone. Google Map even allows you to download directions offline.
  • Always backup your important files like photos, documents, company data, etc. You can also use cloud storage.
  • Always keep a digital scan of your passport and Visa on a cloud drive. It will help you in case you lost it during the journey.

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